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I am a former Healthcare Human Resources Professional who has worked hard to become a Full Stack Developer. I also have a B.A. in International Affairs from the University of Georgia. My awareness of the far-reaching impact coding could have on solving real world problems, prompted me to make a mark in the field of web development. Ambition is the driving force behind my creative eye, inquisitive mind, and well-honed communication skills.

My desire is to deepen my knowledge of front- and back-end technologies while working with a supportive team of passionate developers. My strengths include a process-oriented style of learning new technologies, methodical approach to solving problems, and perseverance in debugging code. I am an accomplished Toastmaster, avid traveler, and lover of music festivals and can be spotted trying new vegan restaurants around Atlanta.

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Festopia is a web application that connects
users to festivals throughout metro-Atlanta.
Users have the ability to search festivals via
multiple filters to find the perfect festival
experience to meet their needs.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
jQuery, Express, Node.js, MySQL

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Vegan's Delight


Vegans Delight is a mock up of a health and wellness side project I created. The goal of this project, was to familiarize myself with the wordpress interface, highlight my simplistic style of design and share my copywriting skills for future freelance opportunities.

I have also written a blog post which goes into more detail regarding my design thought process.

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WriteIT is a productivity tool for writers,
offering a variety of ways to organize,
structure, and plan manuscripts. It also
incorporates a social networking and resource
feature as well.

Technologies Used: React, Redux, HTML, MySQL,
JavaScript, jQuery, Express, A.W.S, Sass, Node.js

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